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Surety Bonds

Pacific Financial Association will issue BMC-85 Property Broker Trust Fund Agreements to qualified brokers satisfying the FMCSA Transportation Property Broker $75,000 surety requirement. When you're ready to become a transportation broker, Pacific is ready to earn your trust by taking care of the FMCSA's bonding requirement and issue a BMC-85 Property Broker Trust Fund Agreement.

No company is better qualified to take care of the transportation broker bonding requirement. As a matter of fact, Pacific Financial Association takes care of the bonding requirement for one out of every five brokers. They are six times the size of our nearest competitor. Without question - Pacific Financial is the standard in the industry.

Only in a BMC85 issued through Pacific Financial are your interests truly provided for and your money protected. In a BMC-84, a claims adjuster working for some insurance company is empowered to make decisions regarding claims and they may be made without your input or knowledge. This will not happen with a BMC 85 issued through Pacific Financial.

Please Click Here to contact our dedicated and experienced underwriting staff today to assist you in making your decision in becoming a transportation property broker and have Pacific Financial issue a BMC-85 to satisfy the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) bonding requirement and become an active transportation broker.

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