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Fix My Authority

Sometimes you need to fix your authority. One Hour Authority make the process smooth and easy. Select the solution below that fits your needs.


    If your MC number is not active you need to request reinstatement of the motor carrier operating authority (to become active). The cost is $180. The exception for this is if you are a passenger carrier that has been put out-of-service (OOS) for being an "imminent hazard" or due to a final unsatisfactory safety rating ("UNSAT/UNFIT"). In the aforementioned exception cases, you may not request a reinstatement; you must re-apply for operating authority using a paper OP-1 application and paying the $300 application fee again.

    Please note that before you request reinstatement, you must have your BOC-3 (Designation of Process Agent) form and insurance in place before the reinstatement can be processed. If they are not in place, your reinstatement request will be placed on hold until the BOC-3 and insurance requirements are met.


  • NAME CHANGE - $180

    Changing the name on your authority is One Hour Authority's application. Our on-line form allows you to change the name on both you USDOT and MC number. One Hour Authority name change will provide:
    *USDOT number name change
    *MC Number name change
    *BOC 3 filing
    *FMCSA re-entitlement certificate
    *Government and service fee included



    Changing the address on a MC and USDOT number with our on-line application is simple and easy. With one application both the address on the MC number and USDOT is changed.



    If insurance and Form BOC-3 are not filed approximately 90 days from the date of filing of the application, the application will be dismissed. If the FMCSA has dismissed your application for operating authority, it is because the process of obtaining authority was not completed and your operating authority was never granted.

    Please note: if your application has been dismissed. You must then refile with the FMCSA. You will retain the same USDOT and MC number, but you must pay (again) the FMCSA file fee of $300. A process service fee of $150 which includes processing of the OP-1 application plus filing of required verification documents. The total would be $450.

    To have your operating authority undismissed you must be in compliance with insurance and Form BOC-3 requirements.



    How can I suspend, put my operating authority (MC number) on hold or revoke it?

    You cannot suspend your operating authority, but you can revoke it voluntarily. One Hour Athority will prepare the necessary forms, email them to you for your notorized signature. After you complete the forms you mail to the address provide.

    Operating authority can be activated at any time in the future by requesting reinstatement.


  • Biennial UPDATE - $75

    One Hour Authority provides an easy, quick, on-line solution to file your Biennial Update. The application will ask for current information including the miles you ran in the past calender year. You can also change addresses, names, phone number and other information with a Biennual Update. You cannot use a MCS150 update to change names and address on a MC number.



    One Hour Authority provides an easy, quick, on-line solution to cancel your USDOT number. Let the FMCSA know that you are not currently using your USDOT number. You can always re-activate your USDOT number at any time. The USDOT number will always be associated with you and your company.


Fleet Management Strategies, One Hour Authority and 1 Hour Process Agents are third party providers of consultive service to assist companies and individuals in acquiring and updating authority, permits and documents required by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA), U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), State and Local government agencies.

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